Vida endeavors to provide a line of revolutionary pleasure products that are made to satisfy every woman's desire. The Essence of Pleasure line of sex toys is the premiere line of Vida vibrators. These sex toys are all about embracing and perpetuating female sensuality. The massagers you see below are also some of the highest quality luxury sex toys you will find anywhere. recognizes Vida sex toys as some of the most innovative high quality toys on the market today and so endeavors to make them available to their client base. price: $116.99 price: $99.99 price: $124.99 price: $119.99

     Vida has seen the growth and change in the styles of luxury massagers while attempting to create their own version of the future of these products. Finally, a veteran in the production of pleasure, Vida presents the future now; the Lussuria, Zara, Vanta, and Urja. These are four unique luxury sex toys and each one is made available to you through the BedroomJoys website. It is true that there are other sex toys on the market, other luxury style sex toys as well. However, the Vida line stands apart from the rest.
     Vida is proud to provide you with ‘Green’ products; by purchasing a Vida luxury sex toy you are not just buying a product, you are also encouraging sustainability. All four vibrators are rechargeable, and mercury, cadmium, and phthalate free. They are designed using an earth safe aluminum, hygienic silicone, and come with a manual to ensure for the proper caretaking of your massager.
     Discretion; How many times have you heard an embarrassing story about someone who purchased a sex toy, tried to take it with them on vacation, and then had to reveal the contents of their suitcase in front of airport security? Vida massagers are made for personal use, and so they understand that discretion is of the utmost importance to consumers. You won’t find any brightly colored catastrophes in the Vida line; these high end sex toys are sleek, black, and so quiet you can hardly hear them at all.
     Presentation; Vida understands that the presentation of their luxury vibrators must be on par with the high quality of the massager itself; this includes everything from what you see on this page to how you receive your purchase. Each comes in a separate leather train case tote, and includes a storage bag for safekeeping.
Perhaps what sets apart Vida the most from other sex toys and luxury sex toys is that the designs for their massagers were inspired by you and for you; the female consumer. Women are all created in their own unique way, yet the essence of their female spirit remains shared amongst all. Vida vibrators are all different, yet they still retain similarities so that you may pick and choose just the right one for you.
     Vida line is truly the ultimate in high end sex toys. Women have made their desires known and Vida  responded in kind. Fall in lust with life.


Sex is life, life is Vida, and Vida is the Essence of Pleasure.